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Holistically Happy Life Coach

"Through every aspect of her work Kirsty Taylor, founder of This Happy Guru, creates empowerment. Whether she's working with adults or children her passion and drive is to really engage her clients with the idea that their lives are their legacy and to connect them more consciously to what that actually looks like, feels like and means to them. Thorough her combined work of Psychosomatic Healing and Holistic Happiness Coaching Kirsty works b... Learn more

Gennye Lion, UK

"She works on every level of my being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually"

"... if you are passionate about getting to know your own body and connect with it deeply, Kirsty will help you do this. The effects are not only on a physical level but all levels of your being" 

Lesley C, UK

"Its been a life changing experience for me..."

"I've banished the self doubt and self judgement that came through from all areas of my life... all the negativity I attached to everything, all the lies I'd been telling myself..."

To hear Lesley's full video testimonial click here 


3 Reviews


29 January 2024

29 January


The day I met Kirsty I felt particularly sad, angry and confused. I had so much going on in my head and my heart and I felt this extreme heaviness in my throat ...
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Jenny Rendall

28 January 2024

28 January


Amazing coach and healer 😍 would recommend her services to anyone who needs to heal and love yourself to get through anything life throws at you